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Herringbone Carpet Edge Binding Tape 120mm - 100% Cotton - Dark Caramel

  • Herringbone Carpet Edge Binding Tape 120mm - 100% Cotton - Dark Caramel

Upgrade your carpets and rugs  with this premium Herringbone Carpet Edge Binding Tape, crafted from 100% high-quality cotton and measuring a generous 120mm in width. 

Sold as per mtr, cut to your required length

This stylish and durable binding tape is perfect for adding a professional and elegant finish to your carpets and rugs. Its classic herringbone pattern not only provides a sophisticated touch but also enhances the longevity of your carpets by preventing fraying and wear along the edges. 

Ideal for both residential and commercial use, this binding tape is easy to apply and ensures a seamless, clean edge every time

Offered in a range of colours to suit any décor, this binding tape is essential for those seeking a refined and polished appearance for their flooring. Choose Herringbone Carpet Edge Binding Tape for a durable, stylish, and practical solution to all your carpet edging requirements.

Key Features:

Material: 100% Cotton for a natural, soft, and durable finish.

Width: 120mm wide, providing ample coverage for all carpet edges.

Design: Elegant herringbone pattern for a timeless, sophisticated look.

Durability: Prevents fraying and extends the life of your carpets.

Versatility: Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Ease of Use: Simple to apply for a seamless, professional finish.

Colour Options: Available in a variety of colours to match any décor.

These versatile uses highlight the practicality and aesthetic benefits of herringbone carpet binding tape webbing for stairs, carpets and beyond.

  • Stair Runners: Secure the edges of stair runners to prevent fraying and enhance durability.
  • Rug Edging: Finish the edges of custom-cut rugs for a polished look.
  • Carpet Repairs: Reinforce worn or damaged carpet edges to extend their lifespan.
  • Hallway Runners: Provide a neat finish to hallway runners, preventing tripping hazards.
  • Area Rugs: Create custom area rugs by binding cut carpet pieces.
  • Stair Nosing: Protect and beautify the nosing of stairs.
  • DIY Projects: Use in DIY carpet and rug projects for a professional finish.
  • Carpet Tile Borders: Secure the edges of carpet tiles to prevent lifting.
  • Outdoor Carpets: Bind the edges of outdoor carpets to withstand weather elements.
  • Wall-to-Wall Carpeting: Finish the edges of wall-to-wall carpets where they meet other flooring types.
  • Custom Mats: Create durable and stylish custom mats for various uses.
  • Carpet Samples: Neatly bind the edges of carpet samples for a professional presentation.
  • Staircase Safety: Add an extra layer of grip and protection to stair edges.
  • Pet Rugs: Bind pet rugs to prevent fraying from scratching and chewing.
  • Temporary Flooring: Secure the edges of temporary carpets or mats for events.
  • Vehicle Carpets: Finish the edges of car or RV carpets for a neat appearance.
  • Exhibition Carpeting: Secure and finish the edges of exhibition carpets.
  • Yacht Carpeting: Bind the edges of yacht or boat carpets for a durable marine finish.
  • Children’s Play Rugs: Ensure the edges of play rugs are secure and safe.
  • Decorative Trims: Use as a decorative trim for various fabric and upholstery projects.

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  • Fabric Width: 120mm

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