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Fabric trade products and accessories

Marabu Easy Marble 15ml

Easy Marble Aqua (297)
Easy marble Aubergine (39)
Easy Marble Azure Blue (95)
Easy Marble Black (73)
Easy Marble Crystal Clear (101)
Easy Marble Dark Ultramarine (55)
Easy Marble Gold (84)
Easy marble Lemon (20)
Easy Marble Light Blue (90)
Easy Marble Light Green (62)
Easy Marble Lilac (7)
Easy marble Medium yellow (21)
Easy marble Orange (13)
Easy marble Red (31)
Easy Marble Reseda Green (61)
Easy Marble Rich Green (67)
Rose Pink
Ruby Red 38
Easy Marble Silver (85)
Easy Marble Turquoise Blue (98)
Easy Marble White (70)

Beautiful marble effects can be achieved on many different substrates.

Suitable for use on plastic eggs and balls (always try a test area first on plastic objects).

  • glass
  • acrylic
  • wood
  • papier mâché
  • blown eggs
  • candles
  • metal and polystyrene

 The paint is organic solvent based and is touch-dry after about 15 minutes.

Not permanent and will wipe off with a damp cloth after drying, therefore the decorated objects are not washable and not wash-resistant.

Let your imagination run wild! Decorate any object you like in only a few seconds - using Marabu-easy marble... Dropping, dipping, done!