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Dylon Pre-Dye 600g

Dylon Pre Dye (formerly Colour Stripper) 300g & 600g packs available


Dylon Pre dye (formerly known as Dylon Colour Stripper)

When you have all the colours in the rainbow to choose from, it would be a shame to be limited by the colour of your fabric.

With DYLON Pre-Dye you don't have to.  Let us explain.

If you have a white, cream or pale coloured fabric  you needn't worry  but if you have a dark or brightly coloured fabric you'd like to change to another colour you'll need to remove that colour before you dye, for the best results.

DYLON Pre-Dye makes it pretty easy to do this -it lightens fabric to a neutral shade, creating a blank canvas that you can dye any colour.

Available in 600g or 300g.  Dylon have discontinued the 300g pack. We have stock of this hard to find item.

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